graphic recycling trucks

I never thought I would say I wish I had a recycling truck, but I might if they were this pretty...
These are in Philly, part of the city of Philadelphia's Mural Arts Project. The patterns were inspired by historic textiles in the collections of the Design Center at Philadelphia University
I was lucky enough to see an AMAZING lace exhibition at the Design Center last spring during Philagrafika
The lace show was well edited and totally enthralling- there were 3 rooms dedicated to Tord Boontje! Not to mention I got to see a huge Cal Lane sculpture in person. 
This is a picture of the Demakersvan lace chain link fence that was installed outside of the Design Center during the Lace in Translation show! (via NY Times)
The center itself is in a mid-century ranch home, complete with a bean shaped pool! Totally worth a visit... Especially if you like architecture like I do!

recycling trucks via my old teach, r. tillman at printeresting

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