last seasons print work

Today when I should have been doing some reading between work and class, I was going through the stuff on my desktop and weeding things out to get rid of. I came across my portfolio from last spring and thought I would share a few images... I really loved these just a couple of months ago, and now my mind is racing with how to make them better better better...

Detail from a book where I re-created childhood photos in real time

Detail of a paper cut book of row home silhouettes

Another detail that shows the hidden text

Lithograph of row houses

Lithograph of an arts and crafts home

Lithograph of a bungalow home

Lithograph of a victorian stick style home

Plate lithograph of houses

Soft ground and dry point etching of a geodesic dome

Etching of geodesic domes with dry point

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K @ Blog Goggles said...

These are amazing! You're so talented.