tea tea tea and a.p.'s

i am obsessed with arnold palmers... half iced tea half lemonade.
literally, if thats all i could drink for forever, i would probably be okay with that.
i am drinking a sort of weird one now made from the earl gray colin thought would make good iced tea (i'm still missing my parents version with old school lipton, made for icing) and the limeade that was in his fridge.
maybe i'll go to the grocery for some lipton tea bags later.
morgan, my best friend, is absolutely addicted to sweet tea.
i mean, this girl goes to college in tennessee, and now thinks that a hokey southern accent and sweet tea are her thing!
i don't begrudge her the tea, but the funny accent is hilariously bad sometimes. she swears she doesn't notice anymore when she does it, but i think it's all an elaborate ruse of hers.
my mom is actually from the south, but has lived in the midwest ever since college with my dad. she only slips in to her accent around her family when we visit them ( the ya'lls and ma'ams  come out in full force). needless to say my mom thinks morgan's accent is supa fake. 
you know how people from london can tell when they're speaking to someone from the burbs? or how austrailian people sound different than brits that sound different from say, south africans?
yeah. my mom thinks morgans accent is more alabama and cartoon than tennessee...
but what can i say. morgan is my best friend and i love her for her quirks.
as morgan's mom always says, i got to choose her, but her fam got stuck with her.

man. i am SO looking forward to sweet tea time with my bff all summer long. sweet tea and a.p. time!

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