i went to see juno with my mom sunday night and i thought it was absolutely hilarious.
i have to buy it on dvd when it comes out.
on top of having on par humor for a subject that could easily become touchy, kimya dawson wrote alot of the songs on an already killer soundtrack. who knew the moldy peaches would be used as sound track music?
i started the gemma beret and i already think i have to frog it. i think now im going to knit it with two strands to give it a little heft, because the mohair blend is not cutting it on the thickness factor. man oh man. im excited for this, but ive forgotten how little give mohair has. bleck. well, at least the beret will be pretty when its done.
also, i have plans to make a double pointed needle case because my mom bought be a whole set practically of double points for christmas to add to my already sizable needle stash.

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