I'm working like crazy to finish my finals by next week.
I also have 15 bags to sew from my printed cotton canvas by Wednesday.
Other than that I need to
+ print my last pattern for advanced screen printing
+ compile an entire, really nice looking political zine from contributions I have yet to recieve
+ write a 4 page paper about the place of zines in current society
+ write a 5 page paper on urban theory and re-read urban theorist to prepare for the short answer portion of my urbanism final
+ write a 3 page paper critically comparing two pieces of modern art- though I have yet to be assigned my image choices
+ pen an in-class paper on the film theory and criticism of horror movies
+ compile a fou press release packet of my work and other material for career development class

all that is due at various stages before the 17th... I fly home on the 18th, only to start working at the kitchen store again on the 21st... man, constant work.

oh yeah!
and im screen printing 8-10 t-shirts for christmas presents before i leave.
gosh. nose to the grindstone.

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